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Vintage & Modern Tin Toys

Welcome to www.classicjack.com, the website of Classic Jack.

Let us take you back to the toys of your youth...

Please note: We often refer to the items we sell as "toys" however, NONE of the items we sell are intended as toys for little children as the models and "toys" contain small parts which can be swallowed and consequently all items are sold as collector's items only

How we started: Being avid collectors of just about everything ourselves, our visits to swap meets gradually evolved and now we have made to big move onto the WWW

Please note that we only started the website at the end of July 1999 and that we are working hard to make it complete but we also have to realize that it is "eternally under construction" in order to perfect it

About us: We are located in the heart of Western Europe, The Netherlands. Even though we are probably located far away from you, you will find us very pleasant to deal with

Our products: We were captured early by the shear magic of the Schuco tin wind-up toys from Nuremberg, Germany and have become dedicated resellers of these high quality and very collectible "toys". Since 1999 we have grown so fast that we are now the largest Schuco resellers in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg)

Next to that, we also carry a range of other manufacturers such as Herpa and Schabak. We have a clear preference for "toys" from Germany as the quality is usually beyond comparison and we have found them to be the only ones that rise steadily in value over the years so next to the fun of collecting them, they are also a good investment

I must also honestly admit to playing with newly issued models for a couple of hours when they arrive here...

The pictures: We take great pride in the fact that all the pictures you will find here are shot in our own studio, and of actual items in our stock so we do not rely on simply scanning catalogs like so many other websites. This website is for real!

The prices: We believe that we are extremely competitively priced, especially on the Schuco toys.

Enjoy the website and if you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact us at info@classicjack.com

Best regards,

"Classic" Jack

Classic Jack