Schuco Micro Racers

Schuco Micro Racers

Schuco Micro racers in the approximate scale of 1:40 were available from 1954 and soon became the latest craze in the world of wind-up racing cars.

Their unsurpassed features such as heavy die-cast bodies, extremely fast and long-running spring-drive mechanisms, micro-adjustment wheel control for precise direction runs, free-wheel facility for test purposes even with wound-up motor and last, but not least - the tremendous speed they attained, made them longtime favorites in many countries and at many playgrounds.

Starting in 1954, Schuco issued a new model just about every year. In 1967 the bodies were no longer made of diecast metal but of plastic and the production was stopped altogether in 1969.

A lot of the tooling for the Micro Racers was bought at the Schuco solvency auction in 1976 (after Schuco had gone bankrupt) by former Schuco employee Werner Nutz who started a small scale re-production of a number of the models but unfortunately, Mr. Nutz died before he could crank out decent numbers of these cars.

The tools were consequently acquired by an American company from the widow of Werner Nutz and the production was moved to Czechoslovakia and Hungary. The markings of the boxes and car bodies went through several stages, from being fully marked "Schuco" and "Made In Germany" to fully blanked out make name and blacked-out make name on the boxes and wind-up keys.

In the mid-1990's, the revived Schuco company reached an agreement with the owners of the tooling to produce official Schuco Micro Racers again, properly marked and sold through the Schuco organization.

In the early 2000's Schuco ran into disagreement with the manufacturing plant and the production was once again stopped (this time for good?). The Micro Racers from that production have long sold out but of course they can sometimes still be found in "as new" condition.

One has to take care with the values of the Schuco Micro Racers as the markings are not always correct and sometimes relatively recent cars are (unknowingly?) passed off as "Genuine Schuco" or even as "Vintage".

As Micro Racers from virtually all periods of their have become more of less collectable (the original production of course being VERY collectible!) we will offer on this page all Micro Racers that we come across and are worth offering to you. We will of course clearly indicate from which production they are so that you never have to doubt what you are buying.


Schuco Micro Racer 1032 Super Sabre F-100 Micro Jet


Schuco Micro Racer 1032 Super Sabre F-100 Micro Jet.

Originally made from 1958 - 1969, it was re-introduced in 1996.

Diecast, wind-up model.

Comes complete with wind-up key and instruction sheet (facsimile of the original sheet of the 1960's).

It measures approximately 6 inches / 15 cm in length and weighs 132 grams.


Schuco Micro Racer 1045/1 Ford Fairlane Police Car


Schuco Micro Racer 1045/1 Ford Fairlane Police Car.

The original Ford Fairlane was made from 1958 to 1969.

This "Cop Car" version was an elaboration made by Werner Nutz shortly before he died in 1987 and was re-introduced by Schuco in 1997.

Diecast, wind-up model.

Comes complete with wind-up key and instruction sheet (facsimile of the original sheet of the 1960's).

Measures approximately 5 inches in length (17 cm).

Only 1 pc. available!

Vintage Schuco Micro Racer 1035 Go-Kart


Vintage Schuco Micro Racer 1035 Go-Kart.

Introduced in 1962, the Go-Kart is amongst the rarer Micro Racers.

This particular example is VERY close to mint condition and has only a couple of minor paint chips (probably storage damage) which do not distract from the overall appearance and of some odd reason the wind-up hole seems to have been enlarged.

The tires have been replaced.

The mechanism is in excellent working order although a standard key sometime slips a little on the wind-up shaft.

Only 1 available of course.