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Schuco Micro Racer 1045/1 Ford Fairlane Police Car


Schuco Micro Racer 1045/1 Ford Fairlane Police Car.

The original Ford Fairlane was made from 1958 to 1969.

This "Cop Car" version was an elaboration made by Werner Nutz shortly before he died in 1987 and was re-introduced by Schuco in 1997.

Diecast, wind-up model.

Comes complete with wind-up key and instruction sheet (facsimile of the original sheet of the 1960's).

Measures approximately 5 inches in length (17 cm).

Only 1 pc. available!

Minichamps Michael Schumacher Ford Escort Cosworth


Minichamps Michael Schumacher Ford Escort Cosworth.

Michael Schumacher Collection Edition 64 # 9.

1/64 scale diecast model in display box.




Schuco Piccolo Ford 12M Dark Green


Schuco Piccolo Ford 12M, Dark Green.

Issued in April 1998, Schuco made a total of 4,000 pcs. which sold out at the factory in June 2002 when it was replaced by a pale blue version.

Scale: ca. 1/90

length: 1.88 inch / 48 mm

Weight: 46 grams

Schuco Piccolo Ford Taunus 17M Beige Blue


Schuco Piccolo Ford Taunus 17M, Beige / Blue.

Issued in September 2002, it was destined for the specialist toy trade only.

Scale: ca. 1/90

Length: 50 mm / 2.00 inch

Weight: 54 grams