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Vintage Lincoln International Jaguar XK150 Police Car Remote Control Mint Condition


Vintage Lincoln International Jaguar XK150 Police Car Remote Control Mint Condition.

Here we have a TOTALLY mint example of the ultra scrace Lincoln International produced Jaguar XK-150 police car.

The remote control is battery powered and operates the forward movement and steering as wel as powering the flashing light on the roof and the siren.

Lincoln Internation was located "within the British Empire" but was headquartered in Hong-Kong with also a production facility in New Zealand as far as I know.

The model itself is made of tin with rubber tires en some plastic detailing parts.

The battery compartment is as clean as can be which leads me to believe that this toys was never played with.

Probably the ultimate in Jaguar collectables?

The model measures some 7 inches in length.

Only 1 available.

Schuco Piccolo Jaguar E-Type Nuremberg Messe 2000


Schuco Piccolo Jaguar E-Type, Nuremberg Messe 2000.

Issued in February 2000, it was issued as a gift for "friends of the house" of Schuco at the 1999 Nuremberg Toy Fair.

It carries a red Schuco logo print on the doors and a black "Messe 2000" print on the hood.

It is a Limited Edition of only 2,000 pcs!


Schuco Piccolo Jaguar E-Type Beaulieu 2001


Schuco Piccolo Jaguar E-Type, Beaulieu 2001.

Issued in 2001, it was a promo for the largest "auto jumble" in the UK, the Beaulieu Autojumble.

It is a dark-green metallic Jaguar E-type with "Beaulieu 2001" print on the hood.

It was a limited edition that was available at the event itself.